strrProvide wide range of qualified professional artist of all disciplines to different companies or firms within the tourism, entertainment and communications industries, whereas long or medium term contracts, either in hotels, resorts, casinos, cruises, radio and television and so on.
strrProvide specific shows for the many needs of our clients (if we do not have in portfolio the show that you need, we make everything to find it).
strrRepresent young gifted artists of all nationalities and disciplines, with special emphasis on the Latin american and european talent.
strr Representation of exceptionally gifted young artists such as opera singers, musicians, conductors, reggiseures, ballet dancers, choirs, ensembles, sculptors, painters, and so on with opera houses, theatres or any other venue.
strr Promote cultural exchange between east and west, organizing and producing events in all fields.
strr Production, organization and/or broadcast of all the arts through masterclasses, symposiums, concerts, seminars, exhibitions, festivals, among others.