Piano/ voice Jazz Duet

Nuria Pérez

Ivaylo Evgeniev

Garnet Swing was born in Macao, China, after the meeting between two professional musicians and a tremendous need of expressing their love of music, through the old jazz and the Music Hall.

Ivaylo, natural from Bulgaria, is a versatile musician graduate in classical singing who also plays piano and violoncello. Nuria, spanish 25 years old, is singer and musical actress.

Their repertoire includes the most meaningful jazz songs from 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and the most famous songs of the American Music Hall of that age. In their repertoire they don’t miss the biggest composers as Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers, among others, playing the most famous jazz standards as well. In their shows they take care of every detail, prioritizing always the elegance and the look of the age trough their costumes.

They have performed in important international stages of Asia and Europe, highlighting concerts in major venues of great Resorts, Hotels and Casinos, especially Bulgaria, Spain and Macau.

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